OnePlus 2: Price, release, features and technical data at a glance


The OnePlus one (for the test) was probably the best OUKITEL U9 smartphone, you could not buy 2014. Now, the sequel was officially presented and we supply all information about price, release and technical data of the OnePlus 2 you at a glance, garnished with the official images.

OnePlus 2: Price and availability

Price: The OnePlus 2 price is moving between 339 and 399 euro. Thus, OnePlus has raised prices actually rose about 50 euro. For 329 dollars, you get the version with 16 GB memory and 3 GB RAM. So OnePlus wants to make sure obviously really attacks the user to the more expensive model. For 389 dollars there then 64 GB and the full 4 GB RAM.

Availability: The OnePlus 2 release is now behind us, but the issue of availability OnePlus is traditionally a shaky candidate. From 11 August it goes officially, at least for the more expensive model. The cheaper option will be launched “later in the year” – only still so a trick, to elicit some extra money users. A OnePlus 2 to reach, you will have to get on an invitation foreseeable. You can find out how it all works, further down, when it comes to the invite system.

OnePlus 2: Technical data

It has done a lot in the technical data of the OnePlus 2. Here the overview in the form of text, including tabular form:

Processor: The OnePlus-2 processor is the Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm, which makes headlines a few months ago because of overheating problems. , So OnePlus, promises us wants to have get however that “in close cooperation with Qualcomm” in the handle, so the OnePlus 2 should always keep a cool head. Learn here why this is a deliberate misrepresentation of incorrect facts almost with certainty:

The Snapdragon 810 and the truth: So the producers lie to you
Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM will the OnePlus 2 to bring, at least in the more expensive Variant. The base model has 3 GB of memory such as the OnePlus one. Thus the OnePlus is 2 to one of the still quite a few devices on the market that can boast in the year 2015 with as much memory.

Display: You wanted to surprise us. We will probably never know what was meant exactly that, but, the fact is that the display size has not changed and is therefore also the OnePlus 2 with 5.5 inches and a full HD resolution. The front by Corning’s gorilla glass protected. Which version, unfortunately does not reveal it.

Camera: The OnePlus 2 features resolution a 13-MP main camera and a Selfie cam with 5 MP. On the back it has harnessed a technology, we all know from the LG G3, the speech is from the laser auto focus, which should very quickly to focus. Of course also an optical image stabilizer is just like a dual-LED flash. 4K-Videoaufnahmen and slow-motion movies in 720 p are also possible. The main camera shutter is slightly above the current average with a value of f/2.0 (better only devices like the LG G4 with f/1.8, are closely followed by models such as the Galaxy S6 with f/1.9).

Battery: The OnePlus-2 battery has grown happily, as previously suspected, mAh to 200 mAh to 3,300. We are very happy, because currently the trend on the market is unfortunately something away batteries that are larger with each model generation.

LTE bands: Also has made OnePlus to LTE bands and now officially confirmed what we already had been telling you of our inside source. To be sure many users happy’s, all LTE frequency bands that exist in Germany, to be used. Specifically, it is the areas of GSM to 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1.900MHz. The UMTS bands are 1, 2, 5 and 8, at the LTE bands around 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 20. This is gratifying, but our biggest criticism of the OnePlus one was the poor LTE support in Germany.

Special features: A fingerprint scanner is on board, and in the new home button on the front of the unit. This should unlock the Smarthone faster than the sensor of the iPhone.

Speaking of: How the iPhone now also the OnePlus 2 has a so-called slider, so a mute switch for the mobile alert. But the button can do more, to create a muzzle as only the Smartphone. The alert slider can the OnePlus 2 in three notification modes move, as we know it from Android lollipop. So, you can set whether the equipment never does you any notification or only notifications from contacts with a certain priority over the slider. If you really need an own hardware button for such functionality, is.

New pictures of the ECOO E05


ECOO Yes is currently working on two new smartphones and one of them is the ECOO E05 of new pictures have surfaced. ECOO remains faithful to the previous course and can be plenty of time for the development of the devices. That is also the right decision and shows how much potential elephone with the “Earth instead of class” course playful. ECOO belongs to elephone, but the devices were so far consistently better than most of what brand is marketed under the elephone.

Clearly, whether it will be again in the next ECOO smartphones, is open, promising the previous teaser but act. For the ECOO E05 one has come back a chic design, which clearly stands out from the current uniformity among the mid-range smartphones. Some more attention to detail may have but it’s because although the ECOO E05 makes a pretty high-quality impression on the new images and obviously for the frame is used on real metal, so air is still massive upward. The Smartphone acts on the images quite thick, what doesn’t match with the specification of 8 mm. Also the borders around the screen work, overly thick in the areas above and below the Panel, especially since there are apparently no touch buttons but only on-screen buttons.

To the specifications is known, that the ECOO E05 is put on the Mediatek MT6753 chipset and a 5 “display on Board will have. I feel just the display here as a good decision, because even if I personally am a fan of Phablets, I believe so, that’s now too many 5.5 “devices on the market. The 5 “target group is thus largely empty and that is not good. ECOO can fill a gap in the market here and accordingly also succeed with the device. The ECOO E05 continues over a 2 500mAh battery, a 13 megapixel camera and a fingerprint sensor on the back have. Android 5.1 should be also installed what now may be expected. Some stores list the ECOO E05 currently for US $200, which is unfortunately a bit high. Should it really be the target price, then ECOO should reconsider that.

OnePlus 2, Moto G (2015), Galaxy tab S2, Fairphone 2, fitness apps and more


The main topics for most during the last week in the overview to the reading. From the two new smartphone novelties of OnePlus 2 and Moto G (2015), which will be presented next Tuesday, Fairphone 2 to the Samsung Tablet Galaxy S2 and fitness apps and more.

New Samsung Tablet Galaxy tab S2
As expected Samsung presented this morning the new Tablet model Galaxy tab S2: the device with Android 5.0 running lollipop comes out in the display 9.7-inch and 8 inch sizes and is the so far the slimmest and lightest tablet of the South Korean automaker. The launch of the Galaxy tab S2 in Germany takes place in September. However, we have the impression: Samsung with the Galaxy tab S2 again the Apple iPad approaches: thinner, lighter and the same screen format. Is there enough Samsung left? We make the comparison between Samsung Galaxy tab S2 and Apple iPad air 2.

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy tab S2 and Apple iPad air 2
Invite waiting list for OnePlus 2 opened, VR-launch app available
Early Tuesday morning, OnePlus will officially present its second Oukitel U2 Smartphone model. In a VR-launch event. Users of Android powered Smartphones can experience what is underneath to understand, if they download the OnePlus 2-launch app in the Google play store and follow the event live. Bitsia buyer of OnePlus 2 expect wait time from job submission with up to three weeks. Before they can order the device, they must however get an invite for the purchase of the OnePlus smartphones. Tens of thousands people have already registered on a waiting list for the purchase of the OnePlus 2.

Invites: waiting list for purchase of the OnePlus 2 fills up
VR-launch: So you can see the OnePlus 2 from the front row
Comment: OnePlus takes the dignity Smartphone fans
The best pictures of the Moto G (2015)
Also next Tuesday Moto G will present (2015) the new budget Smartphone Motorola. A few days before the launch event of Motorola are to see first hands – on and unboxing pictures of the Moto G (2015) in the network. Among other things, the photos grant views under the removable back cover and on the delivery of the device.

Moto G (2015): The best pictures of Motorola budget phone
Moto G (2015): Leaks to the new Motorola Smartphone leave still a question
Specs of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL gel Act
With the first flagship Smartphone for Windows 10 Microsoft doesn’t need to against the top devices with Android to hide. In addition to real high-end hardware, bring the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL also features such as an iris scanner and a wirelessly rechargeable battery and see pen input on the display.

Lumia 950 (XL): These smartphones show, what does Windows 10
First impression of the Fairphone 2
Remove cover, remove the battery and the display unit unlock and lift out from the mount – which takes not even a minute in the hands on the Fairphone 2. The new Fairphone is not only fairer than other smartphones produced, but to give users even more control over the device.

It supports Apple’s iPhone from version 5S, and Samsung’s Galaxy S Smartphones from version S5 are also suitable for this: WiFi-calling. However German mobile phone provider does not offer so far this service. But that could change soon, because abroad WiFi calling is well known and popular. In this article learn how WiFi calling works and what benefits it brings mobile users.

Fitness apps get you in shape
Fitness apps on your Smartphone will help you to get back in shape or to lose pounds. We provide eight fitness apps for Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry before, offering special features – game kids, yoga enthusiasts and those who have very little time for work-outs.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: Designer-Smartphone or workhorse


The Chinese manufacturer Huawei is strong in the agreement and not only with the own Huawei ELEPHONE P8000 smartphones, but also with the second brand honor. In this comparison, let’s leave vs. compete against the two flagships, the Huawei P8 honor 7, the Chinese manufacturer and its second brand and tell you whether Huawei is set not even the fiercest competitors to the P8 in the nest with the honor of 7.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: price and availability

The honor of 7 is available depending on the memory for several weeks in China for equivalent 290,-or 380,-euro. The honor of 7 currently only through importers is available in Germany and there proud 487 euros or 377 euros for the 16 GB version will cost the 64 GB version. The Huawei P8 which has been already officially sent by Huawei in the sale and currently costs with 16 GB of internal memory to the 440 euro. A version with more internal memory does not exist from the Huawei P8 unfortunately.

The honor of 7 with 64 GB when trading Shenzhen for 487 EUR buy now
Now buy the honor of 7 with 16 GB by trading Shenzhen for 377 euro
Now buy the Huawei P8 16 GB from Amazon for 440 euros
Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: materials and haptics

The old image of the cheap Smartphone manufacturer from China, since the introduction of the P6s, Huawei has stripped in summer 2013. Since then succeeds in Huawei more and more through good design, to convince high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. With the Huawei P8, it currently has an Android Smartphone on sale that can keep up with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or with Apple’s iPhone 6. The unibody aluminium enclosure is excellently processed and otherwise as Samsung and Apple succeeded in Huawei, plan to sink the optics of the camera into the housing.

In the honor of 7 processing and material selection is also very good, but a direct comparison between Huawei P8 vs. honor 7 something wuchtiger is the Smartphone of the second brand and quality bit falls off. The assertive appearance owes the honor 7 mainly the larger battery and it is processing at the two plastic covers on the upper and lower part of the back of the housing. Although the latter at first glance not is striking, but a direct comparison between the two China smartphones, it is yet clear. But this is really now bitching at the highest level.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: display

The P8 Huawei has a 5.2-inch display with IPS-NEO-technology and resolves with full HD. The pixel density is 424 pixels per inch (ppi) at a high level. Brightness and color reproduction are very good. From a flat viewing angles hardly color shifts can be seen. The display taking a large part of the front in claims and will appeal to all those, who are on a high display-to-body ratio. To protect the display from scratches, Huawei here used Corning’s gorilla glass 3. Overall very impressed the display of Huawei P8 in our test.

In the honor of 7, Huawei deploys a traditional IPS Panel 5.2 inch size that also resolves with full HD, because it is of course not surprising that even the display of honor 7 on a pixel density of 424 ppi comes. Also this display delivers crisp sharp images with natural colours, in contrast to the Huawei P8 only this is not protected with Corning Gorilla glass 3. Instead, a screen protector protects from scratches with our imported honor 7.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: performance

Actually the honor of 7 should be in terms of performance if not even faster at least equal the Huawei P8, because the fresher Kirin 935 hidden octa-core processor 2.2 GHz in the flagship of the second brand. A Kirin 930 2 GHz works instead in the Huawei P8. Both processors can access 3 GB RAM and take advantage of Mali T628 GPU. Despite the slightly faster processor, the honor of 7 can leave but unfortunately the Huawei P8 not behind the AnTuTu benchmark. It is even the other way around and the supposedly slower Huawei P8 can be the honor of 7 with less than 45,000 points behind with just over 50,000 points.

For everyday Smartphone that makes no difference, but, because a direct comparison between Huawei P8 vs. honor 7 are both similar to afloat. Both smartphones fly only so through the EMUI surface, apps start almost same speed and also graphically intensive games like asphalt 8 and real racing 3 Let play liquid without jerks.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: software

The software there is a consensus between the two smartphones, because both delivered lollipop with Android 5.0.2, which is equipped with the Huawei’s own manufacturer attachment EMUI. Newcomers will be initially surprised, because the EMUI attachment is very iOS inspired and has no app drawer. Also the graphics and optics have been completely revised in contrast to stock Android and adapted. These deep changes also cause that upcoming updates, such as for example the update to Android will change M at Huawei something in the length. Find out when Huawei targeted an Android M update, of course our Android M update article here on AndroidPIT.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: camera

Of course also a camera comparison should not be missed when a comparison between the Huawei P8 vs. honor 7. Here too, the honor of 7 is again superior to the sister model, the Huawei P8, on paper. Tired of a 20 megapixel camera is a 13-megapixel main camera as in the Huawei P8 in the honor of 7. Thus, the honor can take 7 pictures with a maximum resolution of 5.152 x 3.888 while the Huawei P8 shoots photos with 4.160 x 3.120 pixels. Qualitatively, the photos are very good, but unfortunately not quite get the quality of a Samsung Galaxy S6 (for testing) or LG G4 (for testing).

At the front-facing camera, again there is consensus between these two China Smartphones from the home of Huawei. Both snap Selfies with 8 mega pixels, but the honor of 7 can wait with a feature, the Huawei P8 and many competitors also are often missing from that: a front LED flash. It may bring not much at first glance, but often you take photos of Selfies with his friends in low light conditions, in a Dim bar. In such situations, the front LED is a blessing and save the one or the other memory image. All test images can look at again you you in our gallery alone.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: battery

In terms of battery, the two go Huawei Smartphone different ways. While the Huawei P8 the slim dimensions has only a 2,680 mAh battery, can have the honor of 7 with a rich 3100 mAh battery. In my comparison test, the Huawei P8 on good 14 hours useful life came while the honor of 7 on whopping 18 hours came. If you need a real marathon runner, which should definitely resort to the honor of 7.

Huawei P8 vs. honor 7: conclusion

The comparison between Huawei P8 vs. honor 7 behaves like a comparison between a chic sedan and a practical wagon. The Huawei P8 is the stylish sedan, which is very well-finished, offers very good facilities and more than sufficiently does everything in everyday Smartphone here. The honor of 7 is a stylish station wagon, convinced by more clever features, like for example the fingerprint scanner and the front LED Flash, and mainly by the larger battery.

For these reasons, the winners in this comparison is clearly the honor of 7 for me, even if you must import it yet from China. But fortunately, honor has already recognized that the honor of 7 is a Smartphone with potential and will bring it definitely also to Europe. When? It is not yet known, but I would suggest that we at least have a date for the launch of the honor of 7 for you at the IFA.

Proyecto de protecci贸n de pintura antigua Qufu de Shandong “tres agujeros” comenz贸 oficialmente ayer


Los muy esperado Mundial patrimonio Qufu “tres agujeros” arquitectura antigua pintura proyecto protecci贸n comenz贸 en el siglo XVIII, los edificios antiguos de la marca abren por primera vez desde el servicio de protecci贸n sistem谩tica final de la dinast铆a Qing.

Qufu, edificios antiguos “tres agujeros” son la antigua sociedad feudal China para conmemorar a Confucio, cultura china ubicacion en el tiempo Confucionismo respetado caracterizaci贸n y la ciudad prohibida en Beijing, Hebei Resort de monta帽a de Chengde y conocida como tres edificios antiguos de China. En 1994, los “tres agujeros” lista de patrimonio mundial.

Desde la 煤ltima dinast铆a de Qing, debido a razones hist贸ricas, econ贸micas y otras, la arquitectura antigua de pintura “tres agujeros” no ha sido protegida por el sistema de mantenimiento, pero en los edificios individuales revisi贸n llevado a cabo reparaci贸n parcial. Abril de 2014, el Departamento de reliquias culturales lanz贸 los “tres agujeros” y otros edificios antiguos pintaron a proyectos de protecci贸n y llevan a cabo trabajos preparatorios.

Seg煤n la oficina de reliquias culturales de Qufu ciudad, “tres agujeros” y otros edificios antiguos de vivienda existente m谩s de 1.300 construcion de unos 32.000 metros cuadrados, color 谩rea de aproximadamente 140.000 metros cuadrados. Hasta ahora, pintado protecci贸n proyecto “programa de mantenimiento de la carretera de Confucio para proteger los edificios antiguos pintados” confuciana Tang Muen oriental, informado a la Iglesia construir programas de mantenimiento para proteger el grupo pintado”” “Confucius Temple Road, el programa de mantenimiento de edificios antiguos pintados de protecci贸n” y otros 8 programa de pintado ha sido aprobado en el Consejo Nacional de patrimonio.

Seg煤n el director de Qufu tres agujeros antigua construcci贸n oficina de gesti贸n responsable para la implementaci贸n de proyecto de protecci贸n de pintura Kongxiang Min introducci贸n, cooperan con la Academia China de Cultural Heritage, el uso de interno actualmente el m谩s avanzado equipo de monitoreo y pruebas, los “tres agujeros” y otros edificios antiguos pintados materiales protectores muestreo y an谩lisis de edificios antiguos fueron pintados an谩lisis de citas, programaci贸n proporciona la biograf铆a verdadera cient铆fica para la protecci贸n de la pintura proporciona una base importante para la reparaci贸n.

“Tres agujeros” y otro proyecto de ingenier铆a de protecci贸n pintadas edificios antiguos en mayo de 2014 aprobado por la administraci贸n estatal del Patrimonio Cultural. Seg煤n el informe de investigaci贸n del sitio de proyecto y el dictamen pericial, se espera que el proyecto tome m谩s de 300 millones yuanes de los fondos, completados los requeridos tres a帽os-5 a帽os.

Comenzar el d铆a, “los Ming y Qing edificios oficiales protecci贸n SACH clave investigaci贸n base Qufu subbase” y “Shandong Provincial Cultural reliquias oficina de ciencia y tecnolog铆a investigaci贸n prioridades patrimonio base” se estableci贸 en Qufu.

iPad mini 4 is faster, Apple watch sports gets new colours


No iPad air 3, but a technically equipped on and at the same time compact iPad mini 4 – as Apple’s Tablet plan for 2015 should be. Also, not only the iPhone 6 s in models expected, but also color matching a new Ros茅 gold color variant is the Apple watch sports.

The forecasts come from none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, the iNew L1 most prestigious of all Apple analysts, whose predicting have proven true in many cases. The well-connected analyst of KGI securities white often early decision on details – and in the case of the iPad mini 4 are these: more compact, but stronger. According to MacRumors, the Kuos are current analysis have wants, whether that iPad mini 4 “basically a smaller version of the iPad air 2″.

iPad mini 4: more power, less weight

The current iPad mini 3 comes even with the A7-chip Apple as impeller, introduced already in 2013 with the iPhone 5 s. In the iPad 2, the Apple A8X, a souped-up version of the iPhone 6 chip works Meanwhile, – this should probably also in the iPad mini 4 used. The Kompakttablet would according to Kuo also handy are as its predecessor, with still much thicker falling from 7.5 millimeters deep as flat 6.1 mm iPad air 2.

Apple’s current top tablets: iPad air 2 and iPad mini 3 compared
An iPad air 3 seems at least to this year no longer expect Kuo, as well as according to MacRumors loses not a word about the long speculated mega Tablet iPad Pro. For this the Analyst expects as a fourth color variant of the iPhone 6 s, namely with a case in Ros茅 gold look. In the same color, is also a new Apple watch sports there is, as one in the gold color of current iPhones and iPads. It is quite close, because supposedly the 7000 series aluminium of the Smartwatch will the iPhone 6 s also the new housing material. The already available Apple watch Edition of real Ros茅 gold should be also hardly the reason to introduce a color-matching iPhone – with prices starting at 11,000 euro, the noble Smartwatch has but a very small audience.

Moto G (2015) is gorgeous – thanks to Moto maker


The basic design, as well as some specifications of the Moto G (2015) are now known. But apart from hardware components of the middle-class, Motorola might buy his budget Smartphone may even yet a further incentive to buy: the inclusion in the design platform Moto maker.

Of retirement is still little to see at @evleaks. The infamous whistleblower of the tech world has continued to delight, to the supposed surprise too salty the Smartphone manufacturers. According to the most recent rumors to the BlackBerry Venice Evan is dedicated to pale, so his real name, now the Moto G (2015).

Moto G (2015) on the Moto maker match

Thus the mid-range LANDVO S6 Smartphone by Motorola, which will be presented in the course of the summer, to be Moto maker available as already the Moto X (2014) and the Moto of 360 over the. On Twitter, @evleaks released a picture showing the Moto G (2015) in various colour combinations. The presented design corresponds to previous rumors and durchgesickertem through imagery. It seems that soon also buyers of cheaper Moto G benefit from Motorola’s individualization platform could be – the cover on the back, the back decorative element, the frame and the front seem to be color customizable.

a forgery given of the very high-quality Renderbilder (2015) purported to show the Moto G which are circulating in advance of the presentation in the net it might be at the Moto maker teaser by @evleaks of course also to be n. Certainly not impossible task is to manipulate the colors of the Smartphones, digital. Where Evan Blass takes the information, he leaves in his tweet. On the other hand, @evleaks in the past could shine the one or the other time with reliable sources. Also, it seems reasonable to expect that Motorola the Moto of g (2015) of the Moto to revalue could try maker, which is met with positive response at the Moto X.
The specifications of the Moto G (2015)

This could be also necessary so that the this year’s Moto G can connect to the sales success of its predecessor. Because the previously leaked or gemutma脽ten specifications show only lower improvements compared to the 2014 model: the display measures 5 inches diagonally, and still resolves with HD (1280 x 720 pixels). A Snapdragon 410 serves as a processor, includes 1 GB of memory and the cameras raise MP with 13 and 5, respectively. Whether it’s enough at the end to convince the customers, remains to be seen. Motorola has not been known so far yet an audition.

Moto G (2013): Update to Android 5.0.2 lollipop is here


The wait for owners of a Moto G (2013) (for testing) is over, because the lollipop update 5.0.2 is now finally as for the 2014 model. You can find out information about this Android update in the marked area.

The update to Android 5.0.2 lollipop is finally here! Motorola relies on nearly unmodified Android for its ASUS Zenfone 2 smartphones since the first Moto X and enriched the system only through some Moto apps. With version 5.0, Android has made a major version jump, and this is the biggest update of the mobile operating system by Google. Among other things, lollipop brings a completely new design, which is characterized by shallow symbols and bold colors.

On board are also new features such as a “do not disturb” mode and a better management of app permissions. Under the hood a lot has done, so Google promises a better battery life lollipop with the update to Android 5.0.2 and system performance should be increased.

Samsung plans 11K-Displays with 2250 ppi for smartphones


Samsung display has in cooperation with 13 other manufacturers and the Government, the development of 11K-Displays with a pixel density of 2250 ppi announced for smartphones. The project was officially announced on the display field of national research development business General workshop. The first finished panels with this extremely high pixel density will be earliest 2018 on the market. Therefore, first smartphones with 11K-Displays from 2019 or 2020 are conceivable. Currently, the jump from Quad-HD – to 4K-Aufl枚sungen announces itself. Implemented the project was not but still. So the question remains when we can really buy the first products with 11K-Displays.

Samsung develops 11K-Display for smartphones

While many prospective customers for new SISWOO A4+ smartphones are already wondering where the sense in Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels on 5.1 inch and pixel densities of 575 ppi, Samsung build not only 4K-Displays, but also 11K-Displays developing for smartphones. The exact properties of a 11K-Displays for smartphones and its energy consumption are not yet known. Displays are and were always the biggest consumer in mobile devices. Rather than increase the efficiency, one wants to achieve even higher resolutions now probably first and foremost.

The extremely high pixel density of 11K-Displays would be a resolution of about 11.264 x 6.336 pixels in 5.7 inch, if the aspect ratio to 16:9 would remain, as is the case for example in the Galaxy note 4. So, for example, the Galaxy could be equipped grade 9 or touch of 10 with a 11K-Display. 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang want to show Samsung display and the 13 other partners the first prototype of a 11K-Displays. The Government is investing even $26.5 million for the development over the next 5 years. So, you want to make sure the edge in the display technologies of domestic corporations.

Samsung display is not only about the pure numbers that has a 11K-Dsiplay. The extremely high resolution and pixel density creates a risers. This optical illusion to make the company use and 3D content without showing real 3D display. That could bring the representation of 3D content to a new level and again extremely improve. By 2018, there are but a few more years and it will be interesting to see whether the development schedule remains.

iPhone 8 concept: the iPhone of the future has two screens


With the launch of the iPhone 6S within easy reach also the certainty that everything will remain with views of the appearance of consolidate. A designer has set itself well for Apple to the digital drawing board and shows how the next iPhone should look like.

After the current rhythm of publication, at least three years should elapse before Apple introduces an iPhone 8. Enough time to make the Smartphone market upside with exciting innovations – that thought at least the graphic artist Jermaine Smit, who presented his idea of an iPhone 8 in a video. Similar to the Yotaphone of the Russian manufacturers of Yota devices, his concept iPhone on front and back will get a screen. The idea is the same, the rear 480 p display should consume less energy than the main screen with QHD resolution.

After Smits Apple for it however would have to take that step back, loosened by the straighter design of the iPhone 6 and use again a somewhat housing in the style of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The iPhone 8 could forgo a dedicated front-facing camera just completely, and finally the color screen of the back can be used as a viewfinder. There is no longer a haptic Homebutton. An exciting extension is similar so the laser projector at one of the long sides by Smits design that can – throw a keyboard on the table, as’s recently unveiled Lenovo for a private concept Smartphone. In addition, the fictional Apple Smartphone is the Qi standard to support.

Neither for the upcoming, yet the iPhone generation next year the designer Apple seems to believe major changes, but what do you think? What should do better or different Apple at one of the next iPhone?