Samsung: revival with two top of the line

The Korean company, after the disappointing results of the quarter just past, is working on two high beams smartphone


Samsung starts from an unflattering quarter (profit is decreased 25% and the market share decreased) to find new stimuli. So the revival from two new models of high beams: two smartphones that will arrive over the next few months. The first, perhaps within a few weeks.


In the meantime, we must be satisfied with the information provided by Hyun-Joon Kim, Senior vice President of Samsung’s mobile Division. According to the manager, the products are to be innovative” and will have big display”. Not only that, the models are particularly interesting for users because they new materials and display”.


One of two smartphones could be the new edition of Galaxy notes; There is also the possibility of seeing a mobile phone with flexible display.


Finally, according to Cnet the Korean company is reportedly considering to expand and update the range of wearable products, with new specimens from Gear. It only remains to wait for news from Samsung.

G6 Huawei Ascend review, economic version of P7

Today we will see the full review of G6 Huawei Ascend, a product which we can define as “economicversion of top of the range model Huawei Ascend P7.
Materials and construction:
The device adopts a cover created practically completely made of plastic with removable type back, Huawei is always very attentive to product Assembly and again in his hands we are a solid Smartphone and devoid of any creaking.
Before we find a 4.5 inch IPS LED type with resolution 960 x 540 pixels qHD which returns 245 ppi density, we have no problems of any kind under any aspect except when displaying the pages rich in small fonts.
The device is powered by a Quad Core processor 1.2 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory and adopts a 2000 mAh battery that provides a truly remarkable autonomy, no problem to arrive at the end of the day with intense use.
Ascend G6 adopts an 8 Megapixel main camera that can record high quality HD video (as at the end of the article) and in high-level snapshots with ease, find our test images at the following address.
Internally we find Android 4.3 Jelly Bean made virtually unrecognizable due to the introduction of Emotion, highly customizable interface UI thanks to integrated theme store.
The software runs smoothly under all circumstances and returns some minor slowdown only during the first loading, everything can be solved with a simple software update.
To 179 euros, the price at which you can currently find the product in major electronics chains, we must admit that this G6 Huawei Ascend offers an experience that few Smartphone in this price range are able to return.

Apple iPad 2 Air, the new iPad production is underway


Apple will reveal his next iPad 2 air district reports Bloomberg, again you have an anti-reflection coating.

Mass production is started again with the iPad tablet iPad generation 2 air should be presented during delivery of the fine or at most early next quarter from Bloomberg reported as of the second quarter.

Complications during production may limit the output of the device, Bloomberg wrote, because of a new anti-reflective coating that is added to the 9.7 inch tablet to make the display easier to read. Threes, citing a person with knowledge of Apple’s Plans, Bloomberg said new version of an iPad Mini, 7.9 inches by semper, is starting the announcement be produced and be available the year I ride the current fine.

The new iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Mini 3 are added to the list of other Apple devices that should be revealed during the last period of this year. It was yesterday reported that the company was planning to organize an event on 9 September to present its new models of iPhone, which should have both of the larger screens of the current iPhone by ever.

The new iPad ariverà at a crucial moment for Apple, which has recorded in the last period a sharp slump in demand for its tablet. The iPad is the second largest type of product that generates revenues for Apple, behind the iPhone, but are two consecutive quarters, recording a drop in sales and missed the analysts ‘ most optimistic forecasts. The Chief Executive Officer of the Cupertino company, CEO Tim Cook, last month said that he remains optimistic about what will make the new device and said that his company should be able to continue to drive innovation in the tablet market.

According to analyst firm IDC, Apple has remained the top supplier of tablet in the second quarter, having shipped 13.3 million units, accounting for 27 percent of the total market, albeit with a decrease from 14.6 million iPad shipped in the same period a year earlier. Samsung is the seller in second place, with 8.5 million units shipped, representing 17 percent of the market, slightly increased compared to a year ago.

Apple, as well as Samsung, must realise that in the coming months will have to deal with increased competition in the smartphone market (and tablet) against device makers such as Huawei and ZTE, which, at a lower price, offer similar products in terms of features.

Amazon tests E-book, the “all you can read.” You pay a monthly fee, read a “sated”

Read until sated. The Colossus of e-commerce and electronic books Amazon has put online for a few hours of testing a new service that will allow Kindle owners unlimited access to virtual library, which has more than 600,000 volumes.
The novelty is called “Kindle Unlimited and appeared in the preview, and then removed, on the website of the company.The offer, which appeared in the details page, allows you to read an unlimited number of securities at a $ 9.99 monthly fee. Queries are widely used in the fields of film, with Netflix and music with Spotify and other online streaming services.
The formula of the digital reading all you can read is already used by some companies, such as Scribd, which has 400 thousand books available in more than 100 countries and has 80 million active players per month. The same formula works Oyster, which offers over 500 thousand titles. Work with a monthly subscription, the price in line with that reported by Amazon.

Fotofonini, here’s how to get your smartphone to replace the compact cameras


Until a few years ago, when we left for the holidays, the list of things not to forget was the camera here. And if the digital cameras have eliminated the ritual of going to the photographer to develop their rolls (more often from scrap) in the same way smartphones are replaced in a short time the cameras.

Not just for convenience, but also because the quality of cameras installed in mobile phones has improved more and more, until you pass off the compact machines. And since our photo albums have moved from the privacy of your living room to the network we have become more vain and more Exhibitionists. Not only that, because apparently we also discovered all photographers.

Who still wants to engage in hobbies of photography with your smartphone can be found in many optical zoom network to apply to every type of mobile phone. There are different price ranges: from less than ten euros to get even more than 500 euros. Connects them to your smartphone, the effect is startling. Then there is the final frontier, only for true fans: the so-called “fotofonini,” particularly powerful smartphones that have cameras or process. Representative example is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, a phone in all respects, but also equipped with a 10 x optical zoom.

Among smartphones with more advanced cameras we find the Nokia Lumia 1020, which today holds the record of Megapixels on mobile: 41 well. Just to quote a ratio, the most common compact photo machines have on average between 14 and 20. Even the Chinese Huawei Ascend in his new P7, surprised with a camera back from 13 MP who also joined the front from 8MP, just right for selfie.The iSight webcam mounted on iPhone 5, which only has 8 Megapixels, still manages to capture high definition pictures. So much so that even in 2007 there is a competition dedicated to owners of Apple devices, “IPP Awards, which reward the best shots taken with iPhone or iPad. A key role is played by the app clearly: those for photography are the most downloaded. Some of these allow you to transform even the most anonymous shots into small works of art. The picture of the social network that Instagram has been acquired by Facebook in 2012, is only the most famous of an almost endless variety of app. You just shoot.

One thing that enrages professional photographers, whose market was deeply upset by the advent of smartphones. Dave Maloney, a past life behind the lens to capture great artists (Madonna and Pearl Jam just to name two at random) and major historical events, is convinced: “with Smartphones photography has become to everyone. Before it was not enough to buy a coffee professional, it was necessary to also know how to use. Today, with 700 euros you can buy good quality cameras are easy to use. Of course then the pen is not the writer, and the difference is often found in what you shoot and how. But the real problem is that there are those who do not is a photographer by profession and hobbies for the evening go to take pictures in and then give her. So will ruin the market and devalues our work. “

HTC working on a mid-range Desire smartphone with 64-bit chip


HTC is apparently looking to enter the 64-bit smartphone market later this or early next year. The device codenamed A11 won’t be a high-end model, but a mid-end one, boasting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 (MSM8916) System-On-Chip that rocks four Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.4GHz plus an Adreno 306 GPU.

Rest of the rumored specs include a 4.7-inch FWVGA (480×854) touchscreen, a 5-megapixel rear camera sans flash, and a VGA front snapper. According to UPleaks, this unit will run Android 4.4.2 KitKat right from the get-go and perhaps get the Android L update at a later date.

As any other device from the Desire series, the A11 won’t have a pair of front-facing speakers which remain reserved for higher-end models from the One series.

It’s still unclear how much this HTC phone will cost, but chances are it won’t break anyone’s bank. Moreover, we would assume many other handset makers will be quick to join the 64-bit party with similar devices of their own.

As usual, we’ll be on the lookout for additional details and get back to you as soon as we have something new to add. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

12 Is the New Age to Demand a Cell Phone, Kids


It’s back-to-school time and all of the parents on your Facebook feed are thrilled to have their lives back. That is, right after they stopped crying about the cost of sending their little monsters to class with new clothes, learning supplies and cell phones. And these days, if a kid’s at least 12, many think it’s time for them dial on their own.

American Express released a new survey drawing on 2,033 adults and the 2014 spending habits of parents. 64 percent said they’d buy their kid a phone between the ages of 10-14, 21 percent said 15-18 and 10 percent said “younger than 10.” So, like, a five year old? Uh, Ok.

In addition, American Express found that back-to-school spending jumped five percent since 2013, with parents saying they’re spending an average of $1,151 vs. $1,094 last year. Here are the top five electronics parents are purchasing to make sure their kids reach the head of the class

“LG G3″ to Successfully Deploy Indoor Positioning Technology for Smartphone


LG Electronics‘ flagship smartphone model “LG G3” has successfully deployed Qualcomm‘s “IZat,” a location-based indoor positioning technology, for the first time in the world.

IZat is a location-based technology that utilizes diverse connection technologies such as differential GPS, Wi-Fi, cloud server and smartphone sensors to locate and position the user outdoors as well as indoors.

Qualcomm’s cutting-edge technology is an upgraded version from the existing location-based services which are only able to spot the user’s position in an open space, to provide the exact location and a map within a building.

For instance, suppose that you have made an appointment with a friend to meet in front of a store within a department store. The previous technology only provided you the directions to the department store, but not the exact whereabouts of the store. Many times, you had to make calls or send text messages to your friend to find out on which floor and where exactly the store is located.

Now with the G3-embedded new technology, you will be able to look at the interior map of the department store and check for the directions to the store you want to go while on the move. Not only that, the interior map provided by the technology will show you detailed information about the store, if you set it as your interest.

G3 users can use the innovative technology of IZat by downloading the application “Dawul” in Google Play Store. “Dawul” currently offers interior maps of 20 largest department stores and shopping malls of Seoul including Yeongdeungpo Time Square Mall, Gangnam Station and Apgujeong Hyundai Department Store.

A director at Marketing Communications department of LG Electronics said, “The G3 with IZat will provide a whole new dimension of experience of location-based service to our users.”

Планшет от Google сможет конкурировать с iPad


Американская компания Google совместно с компанией Asus в июле текущего года презентует поклонникам долгожданный планшет. Для американских потребителей цена нового устройства будет конкурировать с ценой Amazon Kindle Fire, которая находиться в пределах $200, чего на российском рынке ожидать не придется – у нас стоимость нового устройства от Google будет выше, но не дороже цены iPad.

Информация о том, что Google намерен выпустить собственный Лучший китайский планшет, появилась еще в 2011 году. И вот уже к началу лета американский гигант порадовал своих поклонников новым продуктом. По официальным данным отгрузка новых устройств начнется на территории Америки и Европы в июне 2012 года. В России гугловский продукт стоит ожидать в июле-августе.

По мнению эксперта компании мобильного маркетинга “Каунсил Девелопмент” Алексея Лобанова, новый планшет сможет конкурировать с лидером рынка iPad в первую очередь из-за выигрышного семидюймового формата, который в настоящее время пользуется спросом у потребителей из-за практичности и является аналогом электронных книг и медиацентров. Планшет от Google будет работать на базе операционной системы Android, наверняка, с авторскими новшествами Google. Между тем, по объемам продаж и популярности «убийца iPad» (как окрестили его в СМИ) не сможет догнать шедевр Apple, который в первый же уикенд после начала официальных продаж смог реализовать 3 млн. экземпляров. Объем первой партии планшетов от Google составит 600 тыс. устройств.

Судить о масштабах популярности планшета на территории России возможно благодаря привлекательной стоимости устройства – порядка $200.

Самые популярные потребителей мобильного телефона как China Mobile сеть:

More Photos Of The iPhone 6 Leak, Showing Its Front Panel And Power Button


More photos that supposedly show the components Apple will use in its iPhone 6 have leaked online. After publishing a set of leaked images last week, Feld & Volk — a company that sells luxury modified iPhones — has posted clear, high-resolution pictures of what it says are the iPhone 6′s front panel and power button.

There’s not a whole lot we can gather from these photos (via Mac Rumors), but they do appear to be consistent with previous leaks we’ve seen. The images showing the front plate suggest that the iPhone 6 could have rounded edges similar to that of the iPad Air.

Here’s what the inside of the iPhone 6′s front panel supposedly looks like.

We expect to learn more about the iPhone 6 next month, when Apple is rumored to hold an event to introduce its new smartphone. In addition to a larger and thinner design, rumors suggest the next iPhone could come with a scratch-resistant screen made of sapphire and some improvements to its camera. Apple is expected to release two new iPhones this year, one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a bigger 5.5-inch screen, but it’s unclear if they’ll debut at the same time.