Moto 360 S and L (2015): Photos of small and large Smartwatch model spotted


Short before the IFA 2015 expected official presentation are two in Berlin more photos of Moto 360 been (2015) gel Act. The smaller of the two new versions, as shown in a direct comparison with the previous model can be seen on one of the photos. The new housing, which should make a bracelet change significantly lighter than in the predecessor is easily recognizable.

360 S Moto and Moto 360 L – Motorola’s Smartwatch comes in two sizes

The Moto 360 (by 2015) will by many Smartwatch fans probably already eagerly awaited: criticisms of the predecessor were among a rather modest battery life, the black stripe at the bottom of the screen, as well as the elaborate ordeal one had to undergo the Android wear watch to change a bracelet. At least the latter point should belong to the new model of the past: new photos of the two different version of Moto 360 (by 2015) confirm again the slightly improved design, in which the wrist as in many traditional watches outside the enclosure and not, as in the first Moto 360 is attached below. Apart from that, the design remains unchanged but largely.

The black stripe below the screen, not disappeared as before on the basis of an “accidental” leaks from Motorola had become known, however. According to Hellomotohk, the two variations of the size should be mentioned 360s Moto and Moto 360 L. In the first photo, the larger Moto is to see 360 L alone, on the second you can see 360 S the smaller Moto alleged in direct comparison with the Moto 360 from last year. The Moto 360 S has this much smaller and thus may be a better choice for people with narrower wrist. So far, it is assumed that Motorola is 2015 present the Smartwatches at the IFA and short time later also in Europe to make available. The price will probably be above the 300 euro limit. We naturally report once more information, are available.

Samsung Galaxy touch 4: update with Android 5.1.1 reaches Europe


The Galaxy will soon also in this country rated 4 received an update on Android 5.1.1 lollipop. After first reports from Russia of the update have already arrived in July, Samsung-conscious customers of US provider Sprint update next apparently. Now, even first European owners of the international version of the Galaxy should profit from Android 5.1.1 Note 4 without SIM-lock.

Some Polish users of Galaxy note 4 can apparently now about the new firmware look forward, as reported by SamMobile. Therefore Android 5.1.1 via OTA update should be shipped already to some users. So it can actually not more long until Samsung initiates the rollout in this country.

Android 5.1.1 fixes some bugs

However you should not too much to expect of the new operating system version: most of the changes take place under the hood. So, Samsung fixes the serious memory leak error that can lead to crashes. The Galaxy will also note 4 under Android 5.1.1 lollipop offer considerably better performance and battery life.

Owners of the Galaxy must renounce the themes feature familiar from the Galaxy S6 or the support of photograph in RAW format note 4 continue. Apparently, the update remains a pure stability and security update. If the new software finally also in Germany for the Galaxy note 4 has arrived exactly as always in our update summary for Android 5.x lollipop.



It is no longer necessary to travel stores in the world to do with a phone’s media with high performance range. This is the year of the boom in the middle range, at least in terms of Chinese devices. Formerly the terminals come from China hardly drew attention. The case of Cubot X is not 15, a phone attractive in all its aspects, either by its configuration, as for its great price or its design. You can find it on 1949deal trusted online store, where you will find everything at a great price.

This Cubot X 15 is a smartphone that although it is mid-range, comes very well equipped, since it has a screen of 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution, a processor Quad Core 64 bit, 2 GB of RAM… It is a very good alternative.

Its design also reminds us quite the Huawei, enjoying a really slender and beautiful appearance. Its thickness is only 6.9mm and this does not impact both on the battery, which is 2500mAh (could have been much worse).

Technical specifications of Cubot X 15 are:

5.5 IPS screen inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Quad Core 64-bit MediaTek MTK6735A to 1. 3 GHz processor
2GB of RAM
16GB internal memory with microSD slot
Rear camera 8MPx front and 16MPx
4G, 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, GPS…
Dual SIM
5.1 Android Lollipop
2500mAh battery

A team that, in the absence of knowing their autonomy, offers us more than interesting for those seeking to become a not-too-thick Terminal and with a performance more than sufficient to run any application or game. In addition, its price accompanied by enough, so it is a great alternative.

Do not you think a sexy phablet everywhere?

AirDrop: Police investigating unwanted penis photo delivery


The recipient will see immediately a preview of the photos sent by AirDrop (image: Apple)
The British transport police investigated a case of “Cyber-Flashing” after two photos of male gender part of Apple’s local radio service AirDrop was delivered to a commuter on the train.

Police responsible for the British rail are investigating a Bel盲stigungsfall, in which Apple’s AirDrop to the unwanted delivery of nude photos was used, as BBC news reports. A wanderer had on their iPhone get two pictures of penis by AirDrop on the train and brought the case to the display.

AirDrop enables the direct transfer of files between iOS devices (and Macs) on an ad-hoc network via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, both devices in the immediate vicinity must be ordinary. It have worries them especially that the nude pictures were apparently sent from its immediate surroundings, the commuter said. She refused to receive the images. AirDrop represents a small preview of the photos to be transferred prior to the adoption.

Police recommend you backup the pictures
By default, AirDrop allows only receiving file from known individuals who are represented in the user’s address book. But there is concerned happen – on any transmitter switch to the function – as in the case. Users can also store AirDrop: after positioning wiping of the center of the bottom of the screen then tapped on “AirDrop” and “off”.

A spokeswoman for the British transport police recommends in this case to save images as evidence and immediately possible to contact the police. You now search for other victims.

ZTE Axon is coming to Germany with Augenscanner


ZTE brings the Smartphone Axon from end of September in the German market. It is the first device that has three different biometric authentication paths,

unlocked can be.
The Chinese manufacturer ZTE brings its Smartphone Axon on the German market, but in a customized version. “After the United States and China we are pleased our

first global flagship in Germany to introduce’, says Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE mobile devices. As of the end of September, the Smartphone at online retailers should

as well as media-Saturn are offered for a retail price of 449 euros. To choose the colours are gold and silver.
The ZTE Axon is the first device that unlocks three different biometric authentication paths can be. This includes unlocking via

Fingerprint, voice control, and Augenscanner. Payments via NFC can be made also on the fingerprint scanner.
Two camera lenses on the rear and LTE cat. 6
The ZTE Axon can be operated over a 5.5-inch full-HD display. This corresponds to a resolution of 1080 times 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 400

PPI. The model is powered by an OCTA-core processor, the resulting from four cortex-A57 cores each with 2-GHz clocking, as well as four A53 cores with a clocking of ever

1.3 GHz is composed. The CPU type of the German variant ZTE not makes for more information though, but it could be the controversial Snapdragon-810 processor

Act by Qualcomm. This is namely used in the American version of the ZTE Axon. The memory has a German version of the axon

Capacity of 3 GB.
The ZTE Axon can be operated with two SIM cards. Moreover, the internal memory of 32 GB with a microSD card can be expanded to up to 128 GB. On the R眉

back of the case are two camera lenses with a 13 megapixel and 2 mega pixel resolution. The front camera provides a maximum resolution of 8

Mega pixel. The battery firmly installed ZTE opts for a capacity of 3000 mAh. The Android version 5.0 to use comes as the operating system.
The ZTE Axon LTE cat supported for mobile surfing on the Internet. 6 in the frequencies of around 800, 900, 1800 and 2600 MHz. Thus, theoretical transmission are

speeds of up to 300 MBit / s possible.
Differences from the US version
Technically, the German variant of the ZTE Axon was slimmed down in some respects. So the model offered in the United States has 4 GB of RAM and a display Axon Pro

resolution of 1440 times 2560 pixels. Also it comes with the latest Android version 5.1.1. The reasons for the decision by ZTE, not better

After Germany equipped Axon Pro, are unknown.

iPhone 6s: stronger sides strengthen the case in the future


In retrospect the observed last may
wiped around the theme Bendgate nonchalantly off the table
. The iPhone 6, this much is clear after about a year, is by its users
not more frequently
bent than the iPhone 5.
About at all: outside
the Rainbow press
, the in the past
Despite a Rottweilers in the topic doggedly does, the issue has provoked little reaction.
Apple seems to want to go iPhone 6s still play it safe with the and easily has the edges of the new iPhone model
. Instead of as so far on a 1.14 millimetres thick, the margins are the iPhone 6 s 1.9 mm now strongly. This going from first measurements of the YouTube channel “Unbox Therapy”, which exists in one of the new devices back. Reminder: last year, during the early days of Bendgate, channel “Unbox Therapy”, belonged to the main actors.
Despite the stable construction the visually almost identical manufactured housing brings something less weight on the postage scale. Instead of 27 grams as the iPhone 6, weighs the back of the iPhone 6 s only or 25 grams. A material change could be decisive for the not inconsiderable difference.
So, Apple should – reported – in the future to produce insert the 7000 series aluminum iPhone 6 s and thus use the same material that is used currently in the construction of the Apple watch.

Honor 4A: Presented new entry-level Smartphone in China


As you know, Huawei brings the devices that are sold under the brand name honor in this country, mostly some time previously in the market of China. So probably also in the latest model, the honor of 4A. An entry-level Smartphone that should persuade expected mainly over the price.
The new Huawei honor 4A has a 5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. Under the hood, 410 quad-core SoC, which can draw on 2 GB RAM works a 1.1 GHz of fast Qualcomm Snapdragon. Own data can be by the user on the expandable 8 GB Flash memory, in addition, two are 8 – and 2-megapixel cameras with on board. Still, the facilities on a 2200 mAh battery, and Android in the reasonably current version 5.0 amounts lollipop.
Should bring Huawei the 155 grams heavy and 8.5 mm thick honor 4A in the future also in Germany in the trade, could this be a successor of the honor of 3 C. The price will probably be despite LTE support below the 150-euro mark, what would be relatively fair.

ZTE launches smart flagship Smartphone Axon, Axon watch and Spro 2 projector in China


ZTE Axon phone for China is the world’s first Smartphone with three different biometric authentication options
July 21, 2015 10:19 PM eastern daylight time
Beijing-(BUSINESS WIRE) – ZTE, a leading global manufacturer of mobile phones, today has the flagship in the water cube in Beijing – Smartphone Axon unveiled for the Chinese market. Parallel to this projector was announced a completely new wearable, which presented “Axon Watch”, and the Chinese premiere for the Spro 2 smart.
Beijing-(BUSINESS WIRE) – ZTE, a leading global manufacturer of mobile phones, today has the flagship in the water cube in Beijing – Smartphone Axon unveiled for the Chinese market. Parallel to this projector was announced a completely new wearable, which presented “Axon Watch”, and the Chinese premiere for the Spro 2 smart.
ZTE Axon phone
The axon Smartphone for China boasts the same high quality design as the version introduced in the United States recently, however, contains a number of other functions for the Chinese market.

The axon Smartphone for China also has a fingerprint scanner, dual-SIM support, an internal memory of 128 GB (to 256 GB expandable) and anti-microbial Gorilla glass Corning on the hardware.

With regard to the software, the latest edition of ZTE, MiFavor 3.2, customizable user interface, as well as the innovative voice control solution from ZTE reside on the device. This latest smart-voice version by ZTE supported the language translation for English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) as well as a number of other new voice control functions, including voice-SMS and voice search.

The axon phone for China is in addition that can become the world’s first smartphone that unlocked with three different biometric authentication options: fingerprint, voice control and eye-print check. It is one of the safest Smartphones that are available on the market. In addition to the unlock of the device the fingerprint scanner of the axon also provides support for paying via NFC.

The two shortcomings of the OnePlus 2


The Chinese bring their new top unit in August to the predatory pricing on the market. What you don’t get for that.
The OnePlus 2 coming in August on the market. (Image: PD)
HES. The OnePlus 2 comes on 11 August in the market. Prices from 350 francs, you get an upper classes smartphone at a mid-range price. Include at least 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Flash memory, a 13-megapixel camera and the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 known for heat problems into the housing. This must be reduced by software. Among other things the fingerprint sensor is new. You know such a person, for example, of the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.
The in-house OxygenOS is used as the operating system after the end of the cooperation with cyanogen, which is based on Android 5.1. Like the successful predecessor OnePlus one, you can buy the mobile phone only on invitation. And what’s wrong with the OnePlus 2 in contrast to the competition? Looking for NFC support equally in vain on the specification sheet as a quick charge feature.

Swisscom joins Paymit


The Swiss Telecom Company Swisscom buried its mobile payment system Tapit and stake in Paymit, a solution of six and various banks. The goal: The breakthrough for mobile payment.

IIn of the Switzerland mobile payment develops only slowly. Now, one of the players in the Swiss market has come full circle: the telecommunications group Swisscom says goodbye to his own mobile payment solution called Tapit. It should be set in the summer of 2016.

One reason is the lack of coverage on credit card companies and consumers. Despite intensive efforts, the number of active users was, and credit card provider at Tapit was clearly below expectations, said Swisscom. The talk is of only 10,000 downloads of paid app in the Google play store. Therein lies one of the problems: in the Switzerland, the Apple elephone s2 plus smart phones have a very high market share, for iPhones Tapit is available 鈥 because Apple has released the NFC function into its devices not yet for third-party. The banks also were not very interested in Tapit. The USB has not renewed their commitment after a test phase.

In order to participate in the mobile payment market, Swisscom has joined now Paymit, a solution of the following six. Paymit allows the transfer of money between consumers via smartphone so far, at store checkout can therefore still not be paid. However, the app has been downloaded nearly 90,000 times since April. The expansion of Paymit to a payment solution for the over-the-counter retail and online stores is however planned. However, the company not to comment on when this should be the case.
Currently many banks have joined Paymit, including the USB, Z眉rich, the Lucerne, Geneva and the Vaud Cantonal banks and Raiffeisen Bank. In principle, the solution as an open system is all banks available. Swisscom is to ensure well especially the connection of smaller banks. In addition, the Telecom Group to worry about integrating bonus programs and promotions. Thus Paymit would get a digital wallet functions. First offers are planned for spring 2016.