The SlimLP ROM Android-based 5.1.1 Lollipop comes to the Sony Xperia Z3


Users of the Xperia Z3, one of the most popular high-end Japanese firm terminals, know that you among other things, their phones have a huge endorsement of the independent developer community, which among other things, provide dozens of alternatives to the original software that carry factory terminals installed. This time we bring you a new ROM based on the brand new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop for the Xperia Z3 that surely is able to get even more out of your terminal.

SlimLP is a popular ROM that has already gone through many terminals, offering their particular vision of Android and its native apps. As they themselves say, love to create mods and ROMS for all types of phones, and Xperia Z3 has been lucky and last terminal to receive its already known SlimLP based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. As you can imagine, with this ROM can enjoy one of the latest versions of Android on the Xperia z3, as well as dozens of apps created and modified by the developers of SlimLP. Then we are going to explain how to install it on your Xperia Z3 and of course how to download this ROM.

MakeinIndia: Smartphone manufacturers go to India


India’s reform program “in India make” attracts more and more foreign investors. Also big Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung mobile and LG Electronics have outsourced their unit production partly after India. Apple, Foxconn Hon Hai Precision, Sony prepare the current mobile communications as well as Xiaomi tech.

“Come, make in India” 鈥 with these words India’s Prime Minister Narendra invites the world to modes to produce in his country. The campaign “make in India” was launched in September last year and to create jobs in 25 sectors, including also telecommunications and it. With the initiative, the Government on the growth of the gross domestic product, as well as higher tax revenue hopes. At the same time, you want to put on high quality standards and minimize the impact on the environment. Foreign direct investment, known as “FDI”, to bring about the years of capital and technological Know-How.

“Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in India “. This could be in the future on an iPhone or iPad. “Foxconn employees explore and evaluate sites in less than a month.”, said Subhash Desai, Minister for industry in the State of Maharashtra, told the news agency of Reuters.

The Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn (full name, Foxconn Technology Group Hon Hai Precision) expanding its production already in an old building of us drink manufacturer PepsiCo. The site is located in the South of India in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Here, the smartphones will be produced in the future by Xiaomi tech from China. The facility is not large: approximately 10,000 units run daily by the band. But Foxconn has other plans. A total of 10 to 12 facilities and data centers are to be built with up to 10,000 employees over the next five years. The total investment is US$ 2 billion.

Still not there, but may be soon, is Motorola’s parent company, the Chinese Lenovo Group. It is currently examining the possibilities. “It depends on Government off and how far they support us the”, says Bhaskar Choudhuri, Director for marketing Lenovo India to the Indian newspaper business line. “We are open to set up a production facility for our products, including Smartphones. We watch the room. “, added the Manager of the world’s largest PC manufacturer.

Gionee, whose telefone are little known in Germany also has the intention to produce its smartphones in India. The company makes every year, 60 million units and would be better equipped – so the own words – if the production in India would take place. “It’s up to the Government. We are willing to make in India”was President William Lu Gionee known.

The country has won two very large manufacturers with LG Electronics and Samsung mobile. The South Korean conglomerates, which are rivals with each other, offer their top smartphones in the market. LG Electronics has two production facility in India, there are made but no phones. The maker of the G4 smartphones would only start with his investment if its own market share has reached 10 percent. According to LG, this should be the case even in December 2015. In addition, a research and development facility is to be worth$ 15 million.

Japan’s Sony mobile communications has so far not decided, to produce its Xperia smartphones in India. Much like when Lenovo you a look at the possibilities. On the question of whether it will happen in the next two years, Kenichiro Hibi, Director of Sony India says: “Yes, in this period we will definitely have something.”

The manufacturers are very interested in India. After all, it is the country with the greatest growth potential in the smartphone segment. Since the tax benefits from Narendra MODIS reform program “in India make” come just at the right time. According to the market research company Gartner research, sales in India will rise by 40 percent this year. Lots of money, which is yet to pick up.

Apple OS X released 10.10.4 and iTunes 12.2 with Apple music for Mac


Apple’s music-streaming service is now available on Mac computers available. Last night, the platform operator has released an update to iTunes 12.2 on Mac machines that brings Apple music and beats 1. Previously Apple provided 10.10.4 to download an operating system update to OS X.

After the release of iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ELEPHONE P8000 Apple released last night also an update for the music software iTunes under Mac OS X. After you apply the software release 12.2, Apple customers can take advantage of the new music streaming service Apple music on Mac computers. Under the new version of iTunes, the headings “My music”, “Playlists” and “iTunes store” to “For you”, “New”, be added ‘Radio’, ‘Connect’ 鈥 we have already introduced closer these new functions in an annotated Gallery of Apple music app on the iPhone 6.

Yesterday evening, the party initially had an update OS X 10.10.4 download provided. Who in the face of operating system updates for iPhone, iPad and immediately sought the necessary for Apple music new version of iTunes Mac machine, was put to a test of patience. For Windows PCs, Apple music is still not available, current iTunes continues 12.1.2 this Wednesday morning. On Android devices, Apple wants to bring only the music service in the autumn of this year.

The innovations of OS 10.10.4 for Mac include X the network service Discoveryd for more robust Wi-Fi – and Bonjour connections and support the trim command for SSDs from third-party manufacturers, to again use deleted memory blocks. Also Apple has revised the Migration Wizard and the photos app, which improves connection the iCloud photo library and import images in the raw data format and fixed a bug in the mail application. After the update, the Safari browser on the Mac via JavaScript to can suppress also generated pop-ups.

HTC one M9: Update on Android 5.1 brings guest mode


The update to Android 5.1 for the HTC one M9 is already in the starting blocks. Owner may enjoy a guest mode, individual color adjustments, as well as a longer battery life.

A few months after the release of the HTC one M9 the manufacturer seems to prepare the update currently Android 5.1 for its current Smartphone flagship. An early version of the new software has apparently get the developer LlabtooFeR in the finger and developed a custom ROM based on that. This provides users already views the changes expected.

New guest mode and adjustment of color temperature
In addition to a generally improved performance, user also on some practical features forward. The most striking innovation is the guest mode. This owner of the HTC one M9 with the ability to create multiple user profiles on the device and to manage them separately. Such a function is supported actually since Android 5.0, had but to release still not found his way on the HTC’s flagship. A second feature that is available with the update will be available, is the ability to customize the color temperature of the display.

Battery should last longer
In addition HTC with Android 5.1 makes sense 7 also some minor changes to the user interface. The most striking innovation is experiencing in the volume control. This thanks to the new software now offers a quick access to the “Do not disturb”-mode. Also worth mentioning is the optimization of the battery life, seem to bring the Android 5.1 on the HTC one M9 with. When Android 5.1 officially will arrive on the HTC one M9, is not known. The fact that it is managed for a developer to develop a running custom ROM based on a prerelease version however suggests that it might not be too long may take.

Remnants of the jeans become Smartphone cases


Interesting Upcycling project: a tale of two continents, Cubot S350 two friends, a lot of ideas and a common vision of social engagement and individual trend is mineD. The project began very spontaneously 鈥 quickly realized the Cologne but which can be also functional and cool Upcycling and so the mineD project was mineD from Mr. denim and Mr.. Meaning: from old jeans remnants, the duo tailors trendy gadget Accessories products, such as Smartphone and Tablet cases or even purses.

After “many many prototypes” is dedicated to the mineD-team, that best combination of wallet, to combine mobile – Tabletcover or bags – all against the background, the world a small to do little better and sustainable.

Each stage of the manufacturing process is as sustainable as possible organized according to the creators. Ranging from the recycled zippers to the leather labels from the probably “greenest” leather tannery in the world.

Come out are very respectable jeans cover – see pics below. Prices starting from 39 Euro (Smartphone case) or 59 euros (iPad case).

8 reasons why falls the speed of internet on mobile


The speed of internet on ELEPHONE P8000 mobile is not always expected. The app running as well yesterday now goes to pedals. Find out where is the problem is complicated. The factors influencing the speed of internet on the mobile phone are enough: how much we can get and why they fall. Being in a 4G, 3G coverage zone or 2G is going to determine what is the maximum speed that we are going to achieve, regardless of other factors.

2. the type of band that is transmitted
At low frequencies (800 MHz band) the propagation of radio waves is better. Gets better coverage inside buildings and also best speed of internet access from mobile phones.

The higher frequencies (2600 MHz) have more capacity. But the spread is worse and also worse coverage indoors.

3. capacity of the network
This is quite clear: greater network capacity, higher speed may can be achieved. The antennas are connected to the backbone through the section of the network which is known as backhaul. If we notice that internet is slow, maybe jam is not in the mobile network but in short the backhaul capacity.

4. number of users
Mobile we do not have a cable dedicated for each, but that we have to share the capacity of mobile antenna with other users. Mates are simple: more users trying to connect at the same time, less speed. Do you’ve been once without coverage in a concert?

5. distance to the antenna
The distance from the antenna also affects the maximum speed that can be achieved.

6 be in motion
I teach a simulation made at the Technical University of Lisbon. There is a single user. If it is pedestrian, you will lose the connection within a radius of 1.6 kilometres from the antenna. But lose it much earlier if going by car or if you are in the interior of a building.

7. service type
The mobile network must distribute their capacity between all users who are connected at the same time, also depending on the type of service you require. The same capacity of the network is not needed to send a Whatsapp to to make a videoconference on Skype. So the type of service that users use just affecting other users connected at that time.

8. capacity of the mobile terminal
Not all phones are born equal and the terminal must be compatible with the antenna technology. For example, if the phone is not LTE may never sail with all the capacity of bandwidth that allows the LTE.

We ended up with data: the quality of the mobile service collected by the Ministry of industry and who can also consult on the websites of the operators.

Voice over LTE: iPhone carrier update from Telecom and Vodafone


To prepare VoLTE, Apple has released new carrier settings. The free choice of the data connection will disappear thus however iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

New carrier settings from Telecom and Vodafone are available for the iPhone. The update will either be offered automatically to the installation or appears when the iNew V1 iOS settings under General – info. Alternatively it can be over a wired connection for the synchronization with iTunes related. Details of the changes have so far neither Apple nor operators published the new version 20.1 but seems intended as preparation for Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which disappears after playing the new carrier settings recently with iOS 8.3 filed for Telecom and Vodafone users switch to select of the data connection. Instead of setting next self to whether the iPhone establishes a connection via LTE, UMTS or EDGE, 20.1 is version disable only LTE – and choose between “Voice & data” or “Data only”.

The option “Voice & data” refers to Voice over LTE: it is possible to make calls on the LTE network. So far, LTE devices on incoming or outgoing calls need to switch back to the UMTS or GSM network. VoLTE is also faster to connect call and allow a higher voice quality (HD voice).

VoLTE not yet active
Not selected by default “Voice & data” option has apparently still not function 鈥 at least in the Telekom network. Mobile operator wants to start with VoLTE is expected only in the coming weeks. Vodafone has VoLTE already unlocked at CeBIT in March, also here the function seems according to reader reports with the iPhone still does not immediately available.

Older iPhones as iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s will receive the carrier update also, there remains but the power selector switch. VoLTE is likely are not supported for these models.

Apple Watch 2: Leaked the first 3 features of the next generation of the Smartwatch


Until Apple officially announces it, only rumors – so even to the next generation of the Apple watch are to new products. As 9to5mac citing anonymous sources reported that three essential innovations are not just absurd, but in addition also still very handy are leaked. These include more independence from the iPhone, and a video camera. Also new model and resulting new pricing plans be.

Only about two months after Apple introduced the first generation of Apple Watchherausgebracht, simmer the first rumors around the successor version already highly – similar to the iPhone, which is often just a few months on the market and is then already haunted by rumors on the next generation. As 9to5mac information reported by sources referred to unspecified, Apple of his smart watch is to buy a video camera, an improved wireless connection system to be dependent as a result less of the iPhone and a new premium pricing model. The battery life in combination with the processor should remain unchanged.

Face time video camera

Apple plans according to the sources, in the top of the housing to build a camera, the user can through face time video calling from the wrist. In other words: the iPhone will continue to be needed for the data connection, but for a video chat user must no longer get the Smartphone from the bag.

See watchOS 2 can the user both for the first time face time audio calls on the Apple watch assume as time video calls divert also face on the iPhone to accept or to reject. Whether the face time video eventually will be installed in the next generation, is not official yet and can still move. In this respect is this rumor, as all to enjoy others with caution.

More iPhone independence

For the second generation of the Apple watch, Apple is planning more independence from the iPhone, which means that the user should benefit significantly more features without connection to the Smartphone. This text messages, so SMS, E-mail, weather data and some other features will include the rumored.

All of this should take place through an improved Wi-Fi chip. The iPhone will still be necessary for the exchange of large amounts of data. For smaller amounts of data, such as the above applications, the Smartphone connection will be no longer necessary.

Premium pricing model

Currently there are three different models: the cheaper Apple watch sports, the higher priced used Apple watch, and up to 18,000 euros expensive and thus only to order available Apple watch Edition. Now it says Apple will introduce more models, models that are priced between the Apple watch and the cheapest Apple watch Edition. The price range for these new models is between $ 1,000 and $10,000. About what gets the user for his money, one can only speculate. It would be possible, for example, that gets you in addition to new material and more qualitative bracelets.

Battery runtime

Not only the battery life has been significantly better as Apple announced it, but users have to hang their Smartwatch overnight at the outlet of survey from Apple that no problem. In fact, the average user finished his day with a battery by 30 to 40 percent.

With regard to this data, developers will probably only once only marginally improve the battery and continue to place the focus on hardware improvements that can in turn also positively affect the power consumption.


During watchOS 2 in the autumn will appear as final version, must be those who wait for the Apple Watch 2, wait is expected until 2016.

Snapdragon 810 v2. 1 Sony Xperia Z3 +, LG G4 in the camera test and more


We have unwrapped three new Sony devices this week for the upcoming tests: the Smartphone Xperia Z3 + and Xperia M4 Aqua and the ultra-flat Xperia Z4 tablet. Already tested we have the chic WIKO Highway, however, pure and the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 810 v2. 1 – these and more important the topics of the week at a glance.

Sony Xperia Z3 +, OnePlus 2 and Xiaomi MI touch Pro – in them running each of the Snapdragon 810 v2. 1, which is intended to prevent heat issues on the Smartphones under continuous load through better cooling. But the Qualcomm chip continues to be a hotshot – our new benchmarks demonstrate that with Android smartphones. The amendments to the Snapdragon 810 namely apparently only the symptoms and address the actual problems of the top Smartphone chips. But the Smartphone manufacturers, however, have influence on the performance of the Snapdragon 810 in their devices and master the difficult top chipset from Qualcomm’s integration times better, even worse.

With the Xperia Z3 + Sony brings a “premium supplement” to the Xperia Z3 out, which is equipped with Qualcomm’s current Snapdragon 810 and externally comes with some minor changes. We have unpacked the new flagship Smartphone by Sony and show it before the test in an unboxing Gallery.

During daylight hours, Smartphone cameras take now really good pictures. The current flagships LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6, Huawei P8 and Apple iPhone 6 out of their comfort zone we have deduced but. Their cameras had to prove themselves in the test to the blue hour at twilight and at night in the dark. The results surprised even us something: for example, the recordings made at twilight with the camera of the Huawei P8 inspire us without any HDR: in the test series, the Smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer delivered the most atmospheric images, exposure, white balance and saturation effect here among the candidates most realistischsten. The LG G4 with large f/1.8 aperture and manual camera mode, that presents itself when photographing the blue hour as a mood killer, is flexing its muscles, however, in the dark. See for yourself.

The naming would have to be different: after the test of WIKO smartphones Highway Star and highway pure is for us the only 5.2 mm thick pure the real star of the Smartphone range of the French manufacturer. In particular the design of Android Flachlings appeals to us, the battery lasts long, and the middle-class hardware is equally afloat in common Smartphpone applications.

The Fairphone 2 brings not only more powerful hardware as the first Fairphone. By choosing a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, the Dutch manufacturer can supply the fair produced Android Smartphone with major updates. Price and specs of the Fairphone 2 has now been announced the company, the presale begins in the summer.

No Xperia Z4 but Xperia Z4 tablet – as someone to understand Sony. However, despite this name diversion, the new Android tablet from Sony makes an excellent first impression. It is so thin and light as hardly any other device. Before the test of the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet, we deliver you the unboxing pictures.

The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua looks similar to how it is Xperia Z3, but only almost half as expensive as the flagship Smartphone. For a mid-range Smartphone, the Xperia M4 wearing Aqua also quite strong hardware under its waterproof cover. For the first sight up close, we show the Sony Smartphone with Android running 5.0 lollipop in unboxing pictures.

Tariff charges, streaming subscription and in-app purchases smartphone users are often asked to pay. Time to turn the tables: with this free erhh盲ltlichen bargain apps for Android, iPhone and Windows phone saves her money in everyday life.

Samsung expands the middle class upwards


After first rumors around a new smartphone, the Galaxy’s A series surfaced about two months ago, have submitted French colleagues now the first pictures and other information. Therefore, the Galaxy A8 is greater than expected and might yet end up not only in the middle. Because the data now published, confirm the new model even within her own family could provide competition.

This is due in particular to design and material. Visually, the Smartphone is geared to the Galaxy S6, in parts, but also the Galaxy A7 is to recognize the housing Samsung relies primarily on metal. While moving the weight 140 g between the two sister models, with just 5.9 mm thickness will be undercut. However, to Samsung install battery mAh containing a 3,050 inside, about whose construction – set with the device connected or interchangeably – but still nothing is known.

The Galaxy A8 but especially in the height of comparatively large – in spite of the display measured 5.7 inch, that should resolve with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels falls 157,7 x 76.7 mm. For comparison, the Galaxy A7 brings’s 5.5 customs 151,0 x 76.2 mm, the Galaxy touch also 5.7 Customs to 153,5 x 78.6 mm 4.

Amenities is what will turn in the second half of the year as typical for the upper middle class. So Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 with its eight centres provides for a (hopefully) acceptable performance, compelling images and videos will provide the two cameras with 16 and 5 megapixels. The size of memory with 2 GB puts Nowhere Else, contains, however, 16 GB of internal memory and can be expanded via microSD card. There should be a fingerprint sensor in addition as well as a LTE compatible cellular modem.

What will cost the Galaxy A8 equipped with Android 5.1.1 but in the end and when Samsung officially will announce it for the time being remains a mystery. In the face of similar devices from private and foreign home is expected the retail price however clearly above 450 EUR.